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Muhammad Haseem Ajaz is a Life Coach, Social Entrepreneur and a Sociologist

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Personal Development

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I have launched my first book on sociology discussing philosophy

Get my Book Hoax Sociology and its Philosophy – First Time in Pakistan

A few things we’re great at

Its been almost 4 years that we are trying our best to help our the other people

Social Sciences

This has become the need of today’s time because its absense caused many problems.

Sociology and Philosophy

The field of sociology helps us out in making our decisions more appropriately.

Social Entrepreneurship

The social entrepreneurship gathers the social development and work together

Personal and Business Development

The personal and business growth is the most fundamental thing for the success


Dive Deep once Again

This is the concept which i introduced quite a time ago. Dive deep means to go into the darkest fears and eliminating those fears by facing them with full and extreme courage.

Globalization Crisis

Sir Abid Makhdoom

Dawah in Islam

Br. Kashif

Reference Reads

Asif Mumtaz

Business Growth

Br. Haidar Khan


Reinventing the Giant

The need to make a new and invent a new Giant was that the old one was quite old to be thrown away which was having our darkest and the most useless fears

Inventing Social Behavior

Dr. Khurram

Islam and Spirituality

Shiekh Atif Mahmood

Meta-physical Reality

Naeem Zulfiqar

The hidden Giant

Muhammad Bilal

My Upcoming Books

With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

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I am extremely happy to appreciate the efforts which were outstanding

Khursand Asif

Khursand Tech Sol

The services are remarkable. I am so impressed

Muhammad Umer

The Tech Dynamite

We were so glad to have the great experience with the great results

Amir Nawab

Society of Sociologists Pakistan

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My Team

This is my Team and I am so proud of my team.  🙂

Nadir Ali Khan

A great friend

Hamza Ajaz

My Brother

Khurram Ellahi


Wasi Ullah

Old Friend

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