Spiral Dynamism -Turquoise

Spiral Dynamism -Turquoise

This stage comes after green stage. Turquoise is tier 2 just like the yellow stage but the yellow is the beginning of tier 2 and turquoise is where tier 2 is going to its limitations. This is where the magnificence of “Being and Existence” really tries to flourish because tier 2 and turquoise are going beyond survival, fear, ego, idealogy, politics, racism or anything like that. This is moving into transcendence and self-less living. Now, it’s important to understand that every stage within spiral dynamics looks upon all the other stages of spiral dynamics from its own vantage point and it judges them from its own vantage point. Such as I am now discussing about the turquoise stage and tier 2 but if you are in stage blue, orange or green then you will probably not understand and you might judge. Every stage has basically one or two other stages on the spiral that it thinks are criminal, deluded, just completely insane or superstitious. So if I might be discussing few things which are in this stage but since your stage may not agree with all the things being discussed or may feel to be entirely magical or unreal. The reason it seems this way is because you are too far away from stage turquoise so for you it might feel like I am discussing some type of philosophy or idealogy which is actually not the case. But you might not appreciate this stage since you are mostly on other levels and stages. The things which will be discussed in this stage are quite deep and philosophical. It’s not like that you are going to jump to another stage after some time but you will have to work for this stage for years and decades maybe. It depends on how much brainwashing has been done when we all were young and now how much work we are willing to put into this. These stages affect how we see the entire world. They affect the physical world and how we see it. This is affected by the stage we have. They affect what we think is worth while in life? What we think is relevant or irrelevant, what we think is scientific and unscientific, what we think is reasonable and unreasonable. So, something that seems insane at stage blue will be seen perfect sane at this yellow and turquoise and vice versa. What we consider dangerous to ourselves but also what we consider dangerous to our community. These stages might get political because spiral dynamics is excellent at explaining the politics but only when we get into tier 2 or a step above of our own stage because the issue is that tier 1 has all the group agendas that are clouding its vision. So politics often times becomes all about fears and what we think is the greatest danger to mankind, what we think it is? Do we think it’s the capitalist, or communist, or feminist, terrorist, or fundamentalist, or materialist or intellectualists, globalists, or nationalist or who do we think its threatening to all mankind? This all depends that what stage we are at. And ofcourse when we get into the higher stages we see that really there is nothing to fear and no danger at all because it’s all just a game but we certainly wont understand that until or unless we go into the turquoise. Everything upto turquoise was kindergarten. You might think that you have been trying hard from last ten or twenty years doing all the stuff and shifting within the stages and you think that you have understood so much and now you think that you have progessed a lot but that was only the 1% of human development that you have achieved. Now, in this stage and above turquoise is the rest of 99% human development. This is where the real world starts. Reality as we know it will get dissolved and everything which we thought was obvious and certain about the world, all of it starts to dissolve and now at turquoise we are really ready to jailbreak the mind and to discover what lies behind the mind and that is what I am going to discuss. Whenever I am discussing about spiral dynamics, I am also adding my own ideas and perspectives. Some people might have problem with that but the thing which is to understand is that the model itself is just a model and the way how we understand and perceive it is something else. I am only interested in getting you to the highest and the deepest human understanding of reality, of us and of consciousness. So everything I discuss is all geared towards that and the models of other people who have worked on the same concepts help us in form of stepping stones so that we can make understanding of concepts easily but not completely since its not an easy task after all. In a sense it’s very easy to delude and to confuse people by presenting strictly the facts and that is counter intuitive principle but nevertheless its true. In many situations if someone really want to delude some other person, what he will present is the fact and scientific studies and that will make you believe in all the false things and pursue all the wrong stuff in life. Because strictly speaking scientific facts and data can be interpreted in numerous ways and they can be used for almost anything and to justify almost anything. And if we are doing science properly then science never tells what the interpretations are and science never really tells you how you should apply it to your life and what you can do to actually establish yourself. The science doesn’t go there because what it really does is measurement and quantification. You are basically measuring the reality with a ruler with reference to the other stages and then writing down the data. And ofcourse science also cements that together with various theories and meta-physical interpretations which are often un-recoginized and those lead to delusions and great problems as the material’s paradigm. Since i am discussing about turquoise that might be little bit different than the founders of spiral dynamics talked about, the reason I am discussing it in my own ways because I think that I have understood it in a much better way. So, the essence of turquoise is that it’s holistic, global collectivist and self-transcendant. It swung to yellow which was individualistic and now it swings back to the collective ego which is an emphasis on collectivism but the collectivism is now different as it was in green. In the green, collectivist is about sort of joining a group and serving the group identity. With turquoise, the pendulum swings and now it’s about manifesting the self for the benefit of existential reality and for entire planet. We are sacrificing ourselves for that. The essence of turquoise is also to experience the wholeness of experience through mind and spirit. The world is seen as a single dynamic organism with its own collective mind. Everything connects with everything else. A lot of boundaries breakdown and there are a lot of ecological alignments for turquoise. The universe is alive and intelligent. It’s not a typical machine like working structure. This stage is interested in building a human community based on mystical wisdom that is the deepest wisdom to possibly access for mankind. Turquoise is interested in cooperative action for elevating the consciousness of mankind. Turquoise is the synthesis of left and right brain, east & west, science and religion, mind, body, spirit and heart. All of them coming together to function very smoothly and efficiently for the benefit of all the life and consciousness. So, turquoise takes a very big picture of perspective that what life is about? It’s not about me becoming rich, famous or successful, it’s not about fighting for some political cause for my little group even if my group is an environmental group. It’s not about saving some oppressed minority; it’s also not about saving some civilizations or preserving some hierarchies. It is all about getting the mankind to awaken. To the magnificient of existence to which most of mankind is utterly asleep. You will find turquoise in government, education, politics, media, and business and not even in the universities. Now, this is the very important point because most people have never actually met a person of stage turquoise. So, what I am describing here may sound like something utopian and idealistic then that is because we need a lot more life experience and we need to go out in the world to find out turquoise human beings because they do exist but very difficult and rare to find. Very few of us get able to reach this stage. And if you are expecting to find these people in places like media, then you are not going to find it there. This is because the media is in orange stage. There is no room for turquoise in media and business. You will not even find them in universities but there are exceptions. These days the universities are like business institutions and they are orange and yellow stage institutes. But the universities are all about the minds and turquoise is going beyond the mind so when we really start embodying the turquoise, then we will be labeled as a mystic and when we will be labeled as mystic and will not be able to fit into the academic paradigm that is the materialist academic paradigm. Now, there are some professors who might have some mystical experiences and maybe there are some teachers who talk about non-duality and with the universities they are doing some research, they are making progress there but for the most part this is extremely rare and these people maybe invited to speak, someone like a guru, ustad or any other lable attached to a spiritual or mystic person. Someone like a guru will never be attending the university for ten years because that seems wastage of time for such people who are in stage turquoise. Gurus think that whatever the people are doing in the universities and the educational institutions is wastage of time because gurus believe that the scientist and the educational leaders are not able to understand or either they refuse to understand because they are in that paradigm. They indoctrinated into it. They went to that time of spending a lot years in schools and now they are stuck in that paradigm. The gurus don’t think that the universities are open-minded. These institutions will move out anybody who will talk about the truth too much because this will be a threat to all the orange and yellow stage people and institutions. Some people can get away with it, maybe some professors or speakers if what he does is that the guru speaks and teaches in a more materialistic way so that the people may understand even some part of stage turquoise and mysticism. Most of the people in the society and most the institutions of the society are close-minded to turquoise. This is so because whenever something is so advanced and high-level then for the society it is very difficult to accept and understand the teachings of the stage turquoise. This has happened in past and it is going to be like this in future. People who are in this stage usually become gurus, teachers, sages, leaders and visionaries. So if you want to find them then you can find them in such positions. There are very few of such turquoise people may become so developed that they are at really good position to build their own communities and to become a leader in any other form because they have a lot of wisdom that they can easily guide people.  They help people solve many of their problems and issues by guiding and teaching them in a way others are not able to. But they have to do this on their own terms because the society really doesn’t provide the infrastructure that will just allow them to take a normal 9-5 job and be able to really embody and teach their ideas. They would have to consider some sort of development in order to convey their message and they develop their own setup. Torquoise emerges with the realization that the yellow has that it alone no matter how much it model and understands stuff. It cannot solve the world’s problems just through its systemic understanding. There is a need of community effort to work on these problems that we see and that is when turquoise emerges. It emerges when yellow starts to see that consciousness unifies everything and also everyone. The idea that consciousness is central, all of the various problems, problems in universities, economy and government or any other problem, it all blows down to consciousness and that is what the turquoise realize. When yellow starts to see the limits of thinking and modeling and the scientific methods and of reasons and logic, when the limits become utterly undeniable then yellow was ready to go beyond the mind and it’s ready to post rational and then the turquoise starts to emerge. Turquoise emerges when yellow starts to realize that all of the answers and understanding that it has developed so far has not been the ultimate answer. The ultimate answers have still not been answered at yellow because the ultimate answers are beyond cause and effect, beyond linear thinking and beyond the mind. And so when yellow starts to pursue those questions deeply, then it starts to have glimpses of the non-duality and it starts to have direct consciousness of absolute and then that is where turquoise can emerge. Turquoise emerges with very serious spiritual practices; this is something what is required. Turquoise is for the flowering of mysticism, when boundary starts to desolve between the self, other and world. The physical stuff that we want utterly undeniable at stage orange and even yellow, now those starts to break down and this really will make your mind get upset and then turquoise starts to emerge with self-transcendence. With the transcendence of your ego, turquoise starts to emerge with the awareness of “maya”. The dream that we are in starts to realize that what is happening everywhere is only a dream and it’s visual game and hallucination. There is nothing tangible. We start to realize that “maya” it is in all of its forms deludes in very solid seeming tangible illusiosn but those are just hallucinations. Now we are going to realize “maya” and turquoise starts to emerge. When yellow realizes that mind and understanding by itself doesn’t give happiness and yellow is still depressed, frustrated, fearful and anxious and still has all the human problems. Yellow suffers a lot and it’s fed up with all the sufferings and wants a permanent solution and an extential level solution, and then turquoise starts to emerge. There is a shift from yellow to turquoise and it’s basically a shift from learning about stuff to being one emerged with the many. One of the highest values for a turquoise individual is the Consciousness and not just our own consciousness but also elevating the consciousness of the mankind because when the turquoise starts to understand the key that unlocks and solves all the problems of mankind, we see all the delusions in the world that ofcourse needed to be resolved and the people of stage turquoise can do this in a much better way than any other person of other stages. This stage values and gives importance to the wisdom and not just of an individual but on a whole of the society and community. This is because the boundary between human beings and reality starts to breakdown. Torquoise have a totally new assumption of God and divinity. For the blue stage the divine was like an entity, and these was ridiculed by society of orange which was actually right and wrong both in different sense. There is actually the presence of God and turquoise is starting to understand what that is? But through direct consciousness and we will have to recontextualize our experience to really understand about the universality and divinity which is occurring every moment but we are unaware of it because we are sleeping within the context of that stage. For turquoise it’s very important that how we interact with everything as much as possible because what realization of divine is that everything is infinitely interconnected and that is the most extra-ordinary experience and insight that you can have in life is to realize the infinite interconnection of everything and we are the heart of it all. We are not just some ordinary creature that was accidentally born without any purpose. Synthesizing more and more together, integrating all religions and science. Turquoise is not acting really out of a need to please anybody, to manipulate anybody or to belong to a part of a group and to conform all that stuff, turquoise has transcended. It values “Being” as supposed to knowing, doing and having which is all about the lower stages. The lower stage is either about having stuff, doing stuff or knowing stuff that was yellow and turquoise now going to “Being” and its little difficult to express the significance of “Being”. We have to be it to understand what it really is and why it’s more powerful than the other stuff. Rather than fighting with nature, the turquoise is flowing with the nature. At the turquoise, the life can be totally effortless, pleasureabale as of those who are karate master and only focus on nature that every problem will be resolved by flowing with nature. Turquoise values the healing on every dimension whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual dimension. This stage values the direct downloads from infinite intelligence and universal divine which is really amazing. Turqoise is really able to become the supernatural visionary. We might see connections that most of the mankind on the whole will not see or understand this for hundreds of more years to come. So a turquoise visionary can see stuff and where the technology is going and to see where the human race is heading to. Such people are so far in their thinking and always care for a long upcoming future ahead. Maybe this is the reason that most of the people don’t take the thinking of turquoise seriously and the common people think of it as a joke. Turquoise values the self amusement. It tends to be light hearted because it’s the ego that is heavy hearted. It’s the ego that has problems and fears that block it all down. Turquoise stage people take this ahead and big thinking is utmost important for them, even the big thinking of yellow stage is less as compared to that of turquoise. The big thinking becomes real, tangible and physical. There might be some confusion arising to differentiate between the turquoise and green. So, we should be having a more profound distinction to get it clearer. At turquoise, we have the real mysticism whereas in the green we have a more new age sort of spiritual practices. Maybe we are a part of a social group, going for the physical exercise and meditational retreats but all of them are not serious because we are doing it but the meditation might be for some common benefits such as health or monitory and to calm the mind and reduce anxiety and depression. This is all not about the deep meta-physical meditation. Infact, most people who practice the meditation really don’t have any idea about what does this really mean and for what purpose it really mean that? This is so because the people practice it so casually. This is informed by the direct non-dual experiences rather than the beliefs or ideas. The green may have a lot of spiritual beliefs such as reincarnation, soul experiences and the divine. But such beliefs don’t matter a lot because it’s only theoretical type of set beliefs. This same problem is with the blue, since it believes in a lot of stuff such as ideas, divine metaphysics, reincarnation or spirits but its all just about the presence of ideas and no experience of such concepts. At the blue, what most of the people are doing is ideal worship, and blue is the copy of turquoise but its not following the experience that is required to reach at the turquoise level that is totally practical. This embraces global activism without attacking the individuality that was done by the stage green. In this stage, everyone is being themselves. But in a same time it’s the whole activity globally done for a greater purpose. The recognition of this effort is very important. There is no need for turquoise to sacrifice the individuality but for blue sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice for the community or society. The turquoise people are completely going for full surrender for the sake of authority and this is a huge joy for these people. Turquoise never comes up with the type of guilt such as divine guilt, orthodox guilt or that it is extremely necessary for you to become the noble otherwise the hell is the final destination. In turquoise it is like that the Divine energy is all the time awakened and around us and this is all beautiful and amazing. Nobody have to preach or teach it to you in the stage turquoise, you will have to just start doing it spontaneously. Another important thing is that this stage is very much conscious about the spiral and turquoise is sort of spiral wizard which is able to go up and down to different values and perspectives that turquoise got from yellow and all of this has been integrated and this is what a spiral wizard is. Become able to communicate with all the other stages and levels among all the spirals, designing solutions for all the different spirals without imposing its own values and principles too much the way green and blue did. This stage is not as much triggered by social injustices as the green was. There is an acceptance that comes from a deep understanding of intolerance, conflict, war, greed, violence and evil. Torquoise know about these factors very deeply but the stage green really never understood about these factors, green was just reacting against these factors rather than doing something. Green was reacting against orange stage greed and materialism whereas the turquoise understands that it’s the life usually called “maya” and the evil is unable to fight with anybody since the evil is in war with itself for a long time. The ego is greedy by its nature and it’s evil. This is the reason that evil gives evil and negative because itself its very dark and guilty. But in order to really understand this we have to get the direct and real experiences and we need to surrender our ego. The problem is that you will not be able to recognize this until your own ego and agenda is still driving you because that is why these people have problem with the evil not because it’s bad in its nature but because it is extremely threatening to us and that is why we are reacting against them. But the turquoise is beyond personal threats. Turquoise is much more understanding of the stage orange, doesn’t demonise stage orange as the green does and turquoise is not as political as the green. Green love to join the political and military causes and groups, it sometimes gets too passionate with its political causes which actually becomes counter productive. This stage doesn’t take politics seriously and it’s more playful with the problems going on socially. Although not ignorant of them, not oblivious to them so turquoise person not probably going to say that they are coming and let them come and do what they want. Since turquoise also have some ideas, principles and opinions. It still has a sense of what is right for elevating the consciousness or the social consciousness. And this stage don’t waste its time just to let people know about such concepts related to elevating the real consciousness but it flows this to the experimental level and practical level. Turquoise understands all the reasons and its core that why the things are happening and for what purpose, so this stage will have an easy time finding solutions for the problems and then implementing those solutions. Toquoise have the mentality that comes with green that there is more mindfulness and more presence and ego in turquoise than in green or yellow. Turquoise tends to have a lot of more emotional mastery than green. The green is very attached and reactive and over-emotional too. This is effective in resolving large problems whereas the stage green tends more towards the protests, political walks and talking but with very little output. Turquoise sees the human race as a single organism. Each and everything is connected. We actually see the dissolution of the physical boundaries between self and the others such that we can no longer differentiate between our physical bodies, the universe and the enemies. There is a fading of artificial boundaries of skin color, ethnicities, gender, nationality, bloodlines, genes and even the species does not matter anymore. The turquoise teacher and preacher will look at his entire pupil as his children. This is something totally out of context for the stage orange and this is just a concept. So, all such boundaries that we thought to be physical are just conceptual in reality and they breakdown even the DNA and genes. The reality according to this stage is that we are related to the table and chair as we are related to our parents. This really doesn’t mean that the table and chair have any DNA but it’s just like DNA is a single factor and it’s really irrelevant when we become conscious to see the hidden realities as per stage turquoise. This happens because of the presence of full non-duality in the direct experience. The table at which we are looking at is actually ourself according to this stage. So when we start to realize these phenomenons and concepts then all the realities start to breakdown and so all the group identities which were thought to be important become completely meaningless and of no importance. This stage used the world as an inter-linked causes and effect, and interacting fields of energy. For turquoise there is a joint activity across groups and communities. The communities are not spiritual but also conceptual because the boundary between the physical and conceptual itself starts to dissolve and begin to realize that physical is a concept or in other words, physical itself is not physical. The feelings and emotions come back into play because the yellow is too much on left brain and sort of academic in nature so the feelings come back in with the turquoise. The work of this stage is almost should be meaningful to the whole life. There is a deep trust of intuition and instinct. The self is a part of a large conscious spiritual whole. We are not just a simple human being what we have always thought. Turquoise tends to be non-manipulative, non-idealogical and non-judgemental which we can’t just say for the other lower stages. It is not driven by fear or selfishness. Turquoise does not play the blame games. Turquoise is far beyond green fetish spirituality. It has direct experience of oneself being divine. Turquoise deeper, mental and spiritual capacities are awakened. New abilities that we might think of as super-powers become ordinary powers in turquoise. The paranormal activities might develop in this stage but they are absolutely normal for this stage.

The list of all the values of this stage is given below:

  1. They usually have their own communities
  2. Consciousness
  3. Values Truth (the existential and metaphysical truth)
  4. Values meta-phyiscs
  5. Values wisdom and the wisdom of nature
  6. Values the mysticism, spirituality and non-duality
  7. Divinity and the God
  8. Values the holeism and integration
  9. Values Synthesis vs Analysis
  10. Values left and right brain synthesis
  11. Values honesty, transparency and radical authenticity
  12. Values simplicity and flowing with nature
  13. Values minimalist sustainable lifestyle
  14. Collaborative synergy
  15. Human wellness at all levels
  16. Values healing on every dimension
  17. Willing to find altering states of consciousness
  18. Supernatural degrees of creativity
  19. Values spiritual purification
  20. Transendence, awakening and liberation
  21. Unconditional love
  22. Compassion for all
  23. Emotional mastery
  24. Presence, mindfulness, paradox and esoteric teachings
  25. Gratitude and unity
  26. Self-less living
  27. Sacrificing self for the greater consciousness
  28. Meditation, yoga, contemplation and self inquiry
  29. Values greater aperture
  30. Industrial level of contemplation and meditation
  31. Turquoise is beyond personal threats
  32. Non-reactive and detached
  33. Effective in resolving large problems
  34. Spiritual bonds puts everybody together

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