Spiral Dynamism -Blue

Spiral Dynamism -Blue

The most suitable title that you can give to this stage is “conformist or absolutist”. This is also reffered to be as the rise of civilization. Blue is the alsolute belief in one right way and obedience to authority which was the driving force behind rise of civilization. A long before when men were living in small tribes but then those tribes became to accumulate and started living in bigger tribes. That time of tribes is taken as to be within the red spiral which is the very ancient type of living style with very old belief systems and cultural norms, mainly alpha-male dominated society. In order to evolve from such societies, you need a set of organizing principles for that society and with a common purpose to evolve. The stage blue relies heavily on God or a high authority. If you cross the rules set by that authority, then you will be punished as a result of not obeying to the God. These stages should not be judged on basis that this is good or bad but they all should be looked with their own different characteristics since they are all different by all means. So, every stage on the spiral is going to be either collectivist or individualistic. The collectivist stage is going to emphasize sacrificing of the self for some higher cause or civilization whereas the individualistic colours and stages are going to emphasize the self more. The essence of blue is that you are sacrificing yourself for your particular civilization in hope of getting a differed reward often times in the afterlife. So this is a strong emphasis on the religion and after-life.

The keywords which I am going to give you now are those with which you will be able to make friendship with anyone who is in the blue stage of spiral dynamism.

The list of all the values of this stage is given below:

  1. Absolute Truth and Idealogy
  2. Belief, Faith and serenity
  3. Hardwork, Discipline and Duty
  4. Sense of clear right and wrong
  5. Law and Order is a lot valuable
  6. Justice is very important
  7. No need to innovate
  8. Hierarchy and Social Status
  9. Values Patriarcy
  10. Meaning and Greater Purpose
  11. Morality is very important
  12. High value to culture, tradition and heritage
  13. Working for righteous cause
  14. Values theology and orthodox
  15. Values Family institution
  16. Values obedience and reverts
  17. Respect for Elders
  18. Patriotism is of great importance
  19. Values decency, morals and etiquettes
  20. Sensitive to blasphemy
  21. Prayers are extremely important
  22. Rituals and Ceremonies are important
  23. After-life is valued a lot
  24. Values punctuality
  25. Restraint of passion and self control
  26. Values charity
  27. Values loyalty and humbleness
  28. Hate for the traitors
  29. Values borders with the neighbours
  30. Dedicated and Responsible
  31. Lawlessness and disorder triggers blue
  32. Sinners must be punished

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