Spiral Dynamism -Green

Spiral Dynamism -Green

This stage comes after the orange stage. Most of the people of this stage probably stuck between orange and green. It is the behavior of most the people of first world countries. Such people maybe between 50% of both the stages and especially those people who went to colleges and had some degrees, also the level of education of those people is very profound. We are going to look into the limitations of stage green and how to transcend it into yellow which is tier 2 thinking. The essence of green is that it’s relativistic, caring, communal and environmental. So we can say that the pendulum of understanding has swung once again and it alternates between serving the self and serving the collective. This type of movement of understanding is mostly to and fro. So, we can say that blue was serving the collective, orange was serving the self and now green is again serving the collective but in a more elevated way than that of what blue was doing. So, for green stage we are not sacrificing the Self not for some after-life ideal but the sacrifice is basically for more human inclined behaviours and for a better community. Green recoginises the validity of other cultures and species which blue stage was having certain problems with. Green recoginses the validity of different races, it’s very multi-cultural in this manner. Green is all about peace, equality, justice for all and harmony in the world. Green stage in a sense reacting to all the injustices of the blue and of orange and green is for rejection of shallow materialism which came with orange and its return to humanity and spirituality which was also rejected by orange. Green stage is shifting away from cold, logical, scientific and rational meta-physics into new age semi-spirituality. The stage green can be encapsulated into word that is “Peace” or “Love”. The stage emerges when orange takes the materialism, capitalism and rationalism to its peak and when it’s done, some nasty limits are found. And then the green emerges when those limits become obvious and we see that we are unable to solve the problems with more money, more economy, more industries and more pollution. When the materialism and success fails to feed the human spirit, we have got a lot of money in orange but then we realize that money doesn’t buy any happiness and there is still emptiness in our selves that we thought will be removed when we get money but it didn’t happened. So, when we have achieved success and money then we ask this to ourselves that is this all that we have, could there be a life other than all this?

After this, we realize that science, technology and capitalism are not all to have in life. We realize that we have been chasing those which are not important in life. What we should have to do is that we should chase happiness, relationships and connections. Then we realize that life is about the deep human bonds. That’s what is really satisfying and from here we start moving into the green. As, in orange we have always been in a sort of competitive world of the business but now we understand that the competition is getting less. Why don’t we all just cooperate rather than just competing with each other, is it not the smarter and healthier way to live. The stage green wakes up to the concept that it’s not only my own success but it’s about the success of the whole community. The sense of “community” has been expanded upon blue because blue is also about promoting the community except for blue it’s only about “my civilization” but for green this has been softened and now the sense of community is not just about my race, my country or my state but it’s the entire world. We all are human beings and there is no comparision whether from which race, caste or creed we are. We all are basically from the same origin and we all need the same things. This is what everybody wants. So, we should give it to them and this is what green stage thinks like. So, green develops a desire for human connection and love that is taken partially from the orange stage too. There is a recoginition of this larger global community. As this happens, green starts to notice all the inequality and aggression in the world which was caused by blue and by the orange materialism. That structure disturbs the green. It says to stop and ponder that why there is a lot of poverty and why there is so much slavery in the world. We need to raise everybody up for the success and peace. Also, when this transition happen then green starts to realize the environmental impact that orange has been having and this disturbs orange and it turns it into green. The orange stage doesn’t care much about the environment because all what matters is how much money we can get. But green somehow develops a consciousness and cares about the environment more which causes the orange to feel guilty about the damage it did. There is a realization that orange is unsustainable and we can’t keep on doing what we are doing. We need a more humane and heart-centered approach. And also what moves orange into green are the health crises because orange works so hard while being in the tough and difficult situations, gets over-stressed by the hardwork and now orange realizes to get to enjoy the life because orange stage people say that we have been working eighty hours a week and acquired a lot of money but we are not able to enjoy our own money. These people say that we couldn’t even spend time with family and go to vacation since we have been working from the last ten years continuously. If we really want to understand the core of the green stage, then we should think of green as shift from the heavy left brain thinking of orange to right brain thinking. Or think of it as opening up of the heart and flowering of the humanity, compassion and sense of our community. Also, we can think of green as mellowing out orange, this is so because orange was too addicted to work, success and achievement and was not engaging and enjoying the journey and saving the human life and aspects of life. Green stage fundamentally believes that everyone is equal. Green is sort of chilled and relaxed although not always. We should remember that these all are just generalizations and we should not expect every green person to fit into this list completely and even we should imagine ourselves to fit into all the values perfectly. 

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  1. Rukhsar kanwal says:

    Hi!while reading this article I realized that I reflect bits of every dynamic either its blue,orange or green in different aspects of my life …I guess its more about what we feed our mind with or its better to say what is being fed into our minds by the ones having influence.The level we are at depends greatly on our diet and externals.

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