Spiral Dynamism -Orange

Spiral Dynamism -Orange

This stage comes after the blue stage. This is perhaps the most important stage to talk about about because this is probably the stage at which most people come into. This is because in the western democracies, first world countries and even the third world countries, this stage is cultured after being inspired by the globally known American civilization or culture. This maybe done through the internet and the Hollywood movies and all such stuff and this all embodies the stage orange. This world view is discussed because this is what spiral dynamism is all about. The way we got all this is that we have been programmed in a way and conditioned with the set of values depending on which culture and area we grew up in, and the problem is not that we hold this to be the only set of values or world views but for us this is the way how we live. We hold this to be the absolute truth and the only way it should be. We also try to impose our world view and values to everybody else and this is because we are looking at the world from our limited world view.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


We don’t really understand the world and then we will be having the political battles and debates and tradition and science and all sorts of conspiracy theories and the stuff that we don’t understand that how this all is happening? This is because we are looking at the world with our own little aperture of observation. And we really don’t understand the greater complexity and how the mind gets programmed with this mind language such as its software that determines how we will interact with everything in life. Our color on this psychological model like blue or orange or green is just a set of values that basically determines how we think about the life. It determines what a good relationship is? And it determines how the human beings should interact with one another. It determines what kind of food is right food and what kind of clothing is the right clothing. It even determines that what type of government is the right government. It determines that how education should be like? And how politics and business should be like? It determines the views on the gender realities and how the societies should be structured? All of this is dictated by the spiral dynamics stage that we are at. Lets per say that most of the people in modern and the highly developed countries are in the stage orange since it’s the most closest to their thinking and beliefs.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein

These modern people whom we discussed about are between blue-orange and orange-green. So very few people nowadays are purely solid blue to whom we can say the most religious even.

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” Alexander The Great

The role of our media today is so much heavy that those people who even want to come into the pure blue spiral stage are unable to come. So most of the people, even those who are most religious and conservative in all the modern countries such as America or Canada. They are even not in the solid blue spiral, they maybe in a half blue and half orange. Even the Christian and people of all other religions are heavily influenced by the business ideas and the capitalist ideas that the orange stage embodies and then a Little bit evolved people that are stuck between green and orange. So they have orange and green both stages in them. Because of the Movies they watch and because they are interested in Money and success and also that they are interested in higher greener values which is more that they care about morality, equality and environment. So they are not fully in green stage. And so now we have this battle and that is what is being taken in western battles and politics. This is between half blue-half orange people and have half orange-half green people. We could find postitions along the spirals which are much further apart and yet at the same time, it feels like there are such enemies and such polar opposites and its very interesting how it Works. So, i would again like to give credit to Clare Graves, Don Beck and Christopher Cowan for their research and developing this model because spiral dynamism is a complicated model which need a lot of years and these people have spent their entire lives in its research and development. Most of the people especially the modern people nowadays are so much indoctrinated in orange that they seem to be blind into it and they are unknown to this situation. So it can be very useful to become conscious of the mental software that is running all of our behaviours in the entire life. So let us be down to it and understand what it actually mean. It’s the individual achievement and improving the self through certain calculations.

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