My views on Music in Islam

My views on Music in Islam

I’ve studied the subject further now, and I’ve come to the position, that I will explain, after I mention what every scholar of Islam would agree with:

“it is haraam to listen to or make music that contains evil messages, foul language or that is encouraging fornication”

now then,

Ibn Hazm (rahimullah, a respected scholar of Islam) said, that he considered this hadith you mention to be weak regarding its isnad, although it was mentioned in sahih al-bukhari, it could be considered to be part of a headline/title of the chapter in the book of drinks (arabic edition).

but the stronger point against deducing a general prohibition of musical instruments from this hadith is another one:

the verb yastaħillûna (translated as considering it to be halal) is linguistically not explicit, can also mean “indulge in sth.” or “do it in excess”

the mentioning of the silk (which is not forbidden for women), implies that this might not be a total prohibition.

it can be deduced from another authentic hadith, that the combination of music and alcohol is what is criticised [found in Tabarâniyy, authentic said Ibn Al-Qayyim and Al-Albani]

my opinion today is, that pretty much all the pop-music or music clips you can find on music television stations are bad and a waste of time and a distraction from the rememberance of Allah.

having said that, I would not call all musical instruments (except the daff for women) haraam anymore, because of some differing opinions and proof.

but I don’t want to go into details too much, because understanding this needs more insight, and I don’t want to encourage especially young people to find excuses for listening to bad music that influences them in a negative way (just look at rap/hip hop music..).

regarding “harmless” music, songs, rhymes etc. for children, that help them learn for example or teach them rhythm, or music that has no evil content and is used for stress release and doesn’t have women singing for men, I don’t consider it to be haraam, when consumed in moderation. and Allah knows best.

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