FREE alternatives to AI

Some people waste $1000 monthly on AI.

Here are free alternatives. Number 5 is insanely good.

😎 ChatGPT alternative 😎

  1. Jasper Chat

β†’ Content creation and improvement
β†’ Answers questions with knowledge
β†’ Integrates with other tools
  1. Chatsonic (Writesonic)

β†’ Real-time factual information access
β†’ Generates different creative text formats
β†’ Image generation capabilities

  1. Google Bard (Gemini)

β†’ Powerful Google Search integration
β†’ Up-to-date information and insights
β†’ Code generation and explanation
  1. YouChat

β†’ Combines chatbot with search engine
β†’ Summarizes factual topics well
β†’ Provides citations for answers
  1. Claude (Anthropic)

β†’ Prioritizes safety and harmlessness
β†’ Focuses on helpful responses
β†’ Still under development
  1. Bing AI (Microsoft)

β†’ Web search results integration
β†’ Offers creative text formats
β†’ Citation of sources
  1. OpenAI Playground

β†’ Access to different GPT models
β†’ Highly customizable parameters
β†’ Ideal for developer experimentation
  1. Perplexity AI

β†’ Direct answers from sources
β†’ Provides citations and references
β†’ Summarizes complex information
  1. Elsa Speak

β†’ Focus on language learning
β†’ Pronunciation correction and feedback
β†’ Tailored learning activities
  1. Replika

β†’ AI companion and friend
β†’ Emotionally supportive conversations
β†’ Personalized to your preferences

😎 Midjourney & Dalle alternative 😎

  1. Stable Diffusion

β†’ Text-to-image generation
β†’ Versatile, customizable image styles
β†’ Open-source and locally runnable

  1. NightCafe

β†’ Diverse artistic style options
β†’ Community features for sharing
β†’ Simple, user-friendly interface
  1. Jasper Art

β†’ Seamless writing workflow integration
β†’ AI creates alongside your content
β†’ Quick, focused image creation
  1. StarryAI

β†’ NFT creation capabilities
β†’ Automatic image style transfers
β†’ Easy to use on mobile
  1. Craiyon (formerly DALL-E Mini)

β†’ Free and publicly accessible
β†’ Fast image generation speeds
β†’ Unfiltered, sometimes bizarre results
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